WordPress 6.4.3 – what does the new update fix?

Jak ve WordPressu zakázat automatické aktualizace

This security and maintenance update, WordPress 6.4.3, includes 5 bug fixes in the core, 16 bug fixes in the Block Editor, and 2 security fixes. As it is a security update, it is recommended to promptly update your websites. You can download WordPress 6.4.3 from WordPress.org or perform the update from your admin interface. Click … Read more

How to easily mitigate a brute force attack on WordPress

Jak ztížit brute force útok do WordPressu

WordPress is a system currently used by approximately 40% of websites worldwide. Due to its widespread use, it is also a relatively common target for hackers seeking to access your data or simply damage your website. A brute force attack is a technique where a hacker tries usernames and passwords repeatedly until they find the … Read more

Important points to know when changing the WordPress theme

SEznam bodů, které potřebujete znát když měníte vzhled svého WordPressu

The website appearance is a crucial factor that allows you to quickly turn a casual visitor into a regular one. How people feel on your website significantly influences whether they will return, read your content, or immediately leave to find information elsewhere. Therefore, it’s important not to underestimate the choice of the template. So, what … Read more

How To Prevent Text Copying From A WordPress Website

Jak zabránit kopírování textu z WordPress webu

The issue of protecting intellectual property is quite crucial nowadays. Therefore, if you own a website or blog, protecting your ownership should be a priority. Regarding web presence, it’s quite common for other entities to copy text or visual content. I, myself, am dealing with extensive backlinks attempting to steal images from my website. In … Read more

How To Easily Create A Contact Form With Multiple Recipients

Potřebujete na WordPressu vytvořit kontaktní formulář s více příjemci? V tomto článku Vám ukáži, jak to můžete jednoduše provést pomocí pluginu WPForms.

Do you need to create a contact or other form on your WordPress site that must have multiple recipients? Typically, you might want, for example, a contact form to go to the website owner while also reaching customer support. You can achieve this using a simple trick within the WPForms plugin. In this article, I’ll … Read more

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