Integrating of anti-spam protection into WPForms


After the Contact Form 7 plugin, WPForms is another very popular plugin for creating contact forms. The basic and free version does not provide any protection against comment spam, making it very vulnerable to abuse. An easy and relatively effective solution is to protect your forms using an available solution offered directly by Google, which … Read more

How to fix the mobile menu in the WordPress Sydney template

oprava menu ve WordPress šabloně sydney

I really like to use the Sydney WordPress template, which has many great features. I use it for projects, where I need a sticky header menu. That is a menu which is available the entire length of the page contents (from top to bottom). This is especially used for one page sites, where the most … Read more

How to eliminate excess revisions in WordPress

wordpress main

What are the revisions in articles of WordPress we have explained in detail here (article is in the czech language only, so, please, use translator if you want to read it): Today we will look at this topic differently. How to eliminate excess revisions in WordPress. In the article, I mentioned, among other things, … Read more

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