What is the difference between a website and a landing page?

Jaký je rozdíl mezi webovou stránkou a landing page?

When creating a website, whether on WordPress or using other systems, you can choose several strategies to target your customers or users. One of the strategies is how the page will look and what purpose it will primarily serve. Essentially, the page can be divided into the aforementioned landing page or a classic website. In … Read more

How to use headings in articles

Jak používat nadpisy ve článcích

Headings are an essential component of web design and enable users to quickly and easily understand the content of a webpage. Moreover, headings are crucial for SEO, as search engines use them to determine the content and relevance of the webpage for the user. In this article, we will explore the principles of using headings … Read more

Tool for tracking user behavior on the web

Nástroj pro sledování chování uživatelů na webu

Getting to know your website users can be crucial in terms of designing the website layout and its interactive elements. As a website owner, you would agree that it’s important to know what your website users are doing. Or, where they are clicking too. Based on such data, you are able to adjust or relocate … Read more

The robots.txt file and its significance on the web

Soubor robots.txt a jeho význam na webu

The robots.txt file is one of the most important files on a website. This file serves as a guide for search engine crawlers and robots, which crawl through web pages and index them for search results. Without a robots.txt file, crawlers would have to go through the entire website, which can cause unnecessary server load … Read more

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