Websites using Oxygen Builder have a serious issue with WordPress 6.4.

Last updated December 5th, 2023 23:15

If you use the popular Oxygen page builder on your WordPress website, you may encounter serious issues when updating to the latest version 6.4. Shortly after the release of the WordPress 6.4 update, complaints from Oxygen users began to multiply. Many websites stopped functioning within a short period of time and experienced critical errors. These issues started filling not only forums and Facebook groups but also led to people dealing with completely offline websites. It is more than clear that websites using Oxygen Builder have a serious issue with WordPress 6.4.

Websites using Oxygen Builder have a serious issue with WordPress 6.4.

Weby s Oxygen Builder mají s WordPress 6.4 vážný problém

According to the latest findings, websites primarily face issues when they use or have default theme templates installed. These are templates that are natively available in WordPress, such as the new Twenty Twenty Four theme.

One solution that has been effective in resolving the problem is to activate the recovery mode and delete all old and outdated theme templates. Afterward, install a copy of the latest default theme, Twenty Twenty Four.

Why did Oxygen cause websites to crash?

One theory leans towards the fact that any active theme loads its default CSS styles, which can lead to system crashes when running on WordPress version 6.4.

Another theory suggests a problem with the get_the_stylesheet function and, again, as a solution, recommends deleting all native WordPress templates.

In any case, the Oxygen builder developers are monitoring the behavior and website crashes and are currently investigating them to release a fix as soon as possible.

Are you using Oxygen builder and want to update to WordPress 6.4?

If you have answered yes to both questions, be sure to back up your website in advance. This includes data stored via FTP and the entire contents of the MySQL database. If you also have a native theme template provided directly with WordPress, consider postponing the update. Since Oxygen developers are actively working on the issue, it is highly likely that they will release a fix as soon as possible, making the update to the new version of WordPress much safer.

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I had styling issues with a website made in Oxygen Builder. The website no longer looked the same after the upgrade to WordPress 6.4 (weird spacing, colors etc.).
The fix that worked for me was going to Appearance>Themes (in the WordPress Admin Dashboard) and selecting the theme ‘Twenty Twenty-Four’. I had the ‘Twenty Twenty’ theme selected before that, which apparently gave the issues.

Hope this helps someone else!

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For me, changing the theme template also worked. It seems that Oxygen builder has issues with certain templates that cause the entire website to crash. The option is either to change the theme template or consider downgrading to the original version of WordPress.

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