How To Rename A Group Of Blocks In The Gutenberg Editor In WordPress 6.4

Last updated December 5th, 2023 23:15

It’s been only one day since the new version of WordPress 6.4 was released. This version brings a breath of fresh changes to the entire ecosystem of this popular content management system. One of the changes that has officially arrived in the new system is the ability to easily rename a group of blocks in the native Gutenberg editor. The process of renaming a group of blocks in the Gutenberg editor is quite intuitive and simple, finally bringing a bit more personalization to content creation. Let’s take a look at how you can carry out this renaming.

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How To Rename A Group Of Blocks In The Gutenberg Editor In WordPress 6.4

After creating a new article and filling in the content, you can create block groups to better organize your content. Previously, it was not possible to name these groups, but as of version 16.7, which was initially introduced in the beta versions of WordPress, it is now possible. The purpose is simple: it provides you with better content organization within your article.

Renaming a block group itself is very straightforward. In the left part of the Gutenberg editor, open the list where you can create groups and move individual content elements into them. This creates what is called block groups, which you can name as you like.

To rename a specific block group, click on the three buttons representing the contextual menu. In the subsequent menu, choose “Rename,” and you can name your group according to the content it contains.

Přejmenování skupiny bloků v Gutenberg editoru u WordPress 6.4
Přejmenování skupiny bloků v Gutenberg editoru u WordPress 6.4

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How To Rename A Group Of Blocks In The Gutenberg Editor In WordPress 6.4

As you can see, personalizing a block group is very easy and intuitive. This is something that external page builders like Elementor have had for a long time. However, the Gutenberg editor was lacking this feature. Considering that you can now easily add an image to the background of a block group, it’s a significant step forward for users to create much more creative content on their websites without relying on external builders like Elementor or Oxygen.

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