The data structure of WordPress

Datová struktura WordPressu

The data structure of WordPress is a complex system with many different folders and subfolders. If you log in to your website’s FTP, you will primarily see three main folders where WordPress stores various data based on its usage. This article will focus on what the data structure of WordPress looks like and its main … Read more

How to enable debug mode and debug log in WordPress

Jak ve WordPressu zapnout debug mode a debug log

If you own a website built on WordPress, you have probably experienced situations when a plugin or the content management system didn’t work correctly. This situation happens often, and it can be helpful to look under the hood of the errors that WordPress generates. To make it easier to identify the error, WordPress has a … Read more

The WordPress Plugin Repository

Adresář pluginů WordPressu: Vyhledávání a instalace rozšíření vašeho webu

If you’re a WordPress website owner, you probably already know that plugins are a key element in customizing and extending the functionality of your site. WordPress offers a huge repository (directory) of plugins where you can find various types of extensions that you can use to enhance your website. In this article, we’ll take a … Read more

Should I update WordPress or plugins first?

Updatovat jako první WordPress, nebo pluginy?

Not sure whether to update the content management system first and then individual plugins during a major update? Many beginners are afraid of updates and prefer not to perform them at all. They fear that an unprofessional intervention may break the already-built website. Today, we will look at whether it is better to update the … Read more

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