WordPress.org Has Launched Simple Tag For Commercial Addon

Last updated December 5th, 2023 23:57

A new taxonomy for searching plugins and themes has been implemented on the website https://wordpress.org. As a result, WordPress.org has launched simple tag for commercial addon and themes. Users can easily distinguish which plugins are completely free and which are not. The idea behind this new category is simple.

Many developers provide certain plugins completely free but also offer “PRO” versions alongside them. These plugins allow you to perform only a limited set of functions on your website. Additional features are locked and available only in the PRO version.

This means that you can try out the basic functionality for free. If you are satisfied with the plugin, you can smoothly transition to the paid version of the product. Some notable examples include Elementor, Yoast SEO, All in One SEO, and many others.

WordPress.org Has Launched Simple Tag For Commercial addon

WordPress.org spustil sekci pro komerční pluginy a šablony

Thanks to the new section for commercial plugins, WordPress users can immediately recognize which plugin is completely free and which may have “hidden” charges for unlocking paid features. Some addons require one-time fees, while others may require payment on an annual or monthly basis. However, we are currently facing a significant problem. This labeling for plugins and themes is not required and is not mandatory. Therefore, it is always up to the plugin developer’s decision whether to label their plugin as commercial or not.

Given that many WordPress users try to avoid commercial plugins, it is evident that developers are reluctant to label their plugins as commercial. In this phase (until commercial labeling becomes mandatory), there is still no certainty that a downloaded plugin will not require fees to unlock certain additional features.

Will commercial labeling become mandatory?

Currently, there is consideration for making this labeling mandatory in order for WordPress users to have a clear indicator for distinguishing between completely free plugins and those that contain any paid components.

These filters should eventually appear in the WordPress administration itself, not only for plugins but also for themes. The goal is for users to have this key information from anywhere, even before installing the extension. This means not only from the main website https://wordpress.org but also from within their own WordPress administration environment.

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