The Really Simple SSL plugin introduces new security features

Last updated December 5th, 2023 23:57

The Really Simple SSL plugin introduces new security features, further enhancing website security with its latest major update. This plugin is used by WordPress users on over five million websites. It introduces a new feature in its version 7.0.0. This feature is vulnerability detection, implemented as part of a partnership with WP Vulnerability. When users activate this feature, the plugin will notify them whenever a vulnerability is found on their website. It will also provide various actions and solutions to address the vulnerability.

The new vulnerability detection feature is not enabled by default, so users will need to enable it. A modal window will appear where they can set their notifications and initiate the first scan.

The Really Simple SSL plugin introduces new security features

If users receive an email about a vulnerability, they have the option to manually respond with a chosen action. Alternatively, they can set the plugin to automate the process. In that case, if the user does not respond within 24 hours, the plugin will enforce an update of the system. Alternatively, it will update the plugin or theme if they are available.

However, there are also other automated actions that the plugin can perform based on how users configure it in the Measures section of the settings.

The Really Simple SSL plugin introduces new security features

The Really Simple SSL plugin introduces new security features

In recent years, Really Simple SSL has been providing configuration and installation of SSL certificates through Let’s Encrypt as the first step in securing websites on the WordPress platform. However, most WordPress users know it mainly as the first and very effective solution for mixed content issues.

The project is funded by the users themselves if they use the paid version called Really Simple SSL PRO. This version deals with security headers such as Content Security Policies, which can be quite complex to configure for most users.

Since Really Simple SSL started as a simple and lightweight SSL plugin, the developers have decided to adopt a modular approach. They aim to minimize the impact on users who only want or need specific plugin features. Once the developers release a new vulnerability detection feature, they also plan to add secure login with 2fa. The second factor for logging into the administration area will further enhance the overall security of the website.

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