5 Tips For The Best Web Hosting For WordPress

Last updated December 6th, 2023 00:04

WordPress has become extremely popular and widely used as a content management system. There is now a vast number of websites, blogs, and online stores created using this platform. That’s why the question of which web hosting provider to choose for your WordPress site is crucial. And how do you select the best web hosting for WordPress? There are several important factors you should consider in advance. Let’s take a look at 5 tips for the best web hosting for WordPress.

5 Tips For The Best Web Hosting For WordPress

PHP and MySQL Versions

One crucial aspect to consider before purchasing web hosting for WordPress is the PHP and MySQL versions used by the hosting provider on their servers. As of the publication date of this article, always inquire whether the web hosting provider offers PHP version 8.2 and MySQL version 8.x. These are currently the highest possible versions available for use.

The version of PHP and MySQL you use on your website can significantly impact factors such as website speed. Therefore, this should be the first consideration in your decision-making process.

PHP Limits

Let’s focus on PHP for a moment. Once you have determined the version your website will use, also inquire about the limits set by the hosting provider. Every shared web hosting service has certain thresholds that may restrict you over time. Ask about at least the basic limits, such as:

  • Memory limit
  • max_execution_time
  • Maximum limit for PHP uploads

What Each Limit Does and Its Purpose:

The memory limit of your website determines the amount of memory allocated to your web content. This memory is utilized not only by the content management system itself but also by any installed plugins. The more plugins you use, the less memory you will have available. The recommended minimum for today’s WordPress versions is 256 MB. If your web hosting provider offers 512 MB, even better. However, it is generally true that to have a fast website, you need to keep it optimized. For basic web presentations, 256 MB is usually sufficient. Keep in mind that an unoptimized website cannot be saved by increasing the memory limit, no matter how large it is. That’s just a fact.

The max_execution_time indicates how long a script can run without being forcibly terminated by the server. It is specified in seconds. If you run a resource-intensive plugin, for example, one that generates components of the system or performs XML export/import, such a script may run for several tens of seconds. It is essential to determine whether the server allows it to run or forcibly terminates it after a few seconds. This limit should be at least 90 seconds. If it is higher, you will likely have a better experience working with more resource-intensive plugins that may require longer execution times.

Regarding PHP uploads, this is important for uploading images to galleries or videos. However, images are usually uploaded individually, and it is recommended to store videos on platforms such as YouTube. In that case, a value around 128 MB should be more than sufficient.

24/7 Support

5 Tips For The Best Web Hosting For WordPress

Quality web hosting can also be distinguished by its customer support, primarily including its working hours. Nowadays, there are many web hosting providers on the market that offer 24/7 support. This can be beneficial when you’re working on your website late at night and encounter difficulties. There’s nothing more frustrating than having your entire website down and having to wait for regular business hours to get assistance.

Another factor to consider is the communication channels through which you can contact customer support. Great channels include email and phone (with chat as a bonus). Email is suitable for non-urgent issues, while phone support is preferable for urgent problems. If the hosting provider doesn’t offer phone support even during regular business hours, it’s best to quickly look for another provider. You’ll realize why during your first website issue.

SSL Certificate (Free)

The HTTPS protocol is now a standard requirement. Practically every web hosting provider offers it in some form (or they definitely should). Find out in advance the conditions under which you can use SSL and the HTTPS protocol. Also, verify whether the SSL certificate covers only the main domain or also subdomains and aliases on your website. Nowadays, it should be standard to at least have a basic SSL certificate from a trusted authority available for free. It’s even better if the certificate covers third-level domains (e.g., www.domain.com, old.domain.com, etc.).


The final factor to consider is backup. Specifically, how often the company performs backups and whether they are solely for their internal purposes (like disaster recovery) or if you also have access to them. Backup service within web hosting that you, as a customer, can access is a great bonus. This service can often save your website when you don’t have your own backup available. Additionally, inquire about the age of available backups for potential website restoration and any fees associated with support performing the restoration.

5 Tips For The Best Web Hosting For WordPress


The above-mentioned factors are just the basic prerequisites for choosing the right shared web hosting provider. It’s important to gather information in advance and compare various offers. It’s worth noting that the price of hosting isn’t always the decisive factor. Sometimes it’s better to opt for slightly more expensive hosting with excellent customer support, rather than choosing cheap hosting that provides limited options for problem resolution or contacting support. In such cases, the money saved is of no use. I wish you good luck in your selection process and hope you always have positive experiences with customer support and service. As I am biased in this regard, I leave the choice up to you. Feel free to ask any questions in the comments.

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