The Ultimate Best WordPress Guide: WordPress Installation

Last updated December 7th, 2023 23:21

In the previous episode, we explained the basics of what WordPress can do and what it is actually used for. You probably already have a basic understanding of this content management system. Today’s topic will logically be about how you can install WordPress. Today’s episode (The Ultimate Best WordPress Guide: WordPress Installation) will therefore logically be about the next step – setting up WordPress on web hosting.

First, we will show you a basic installation scheme in the form of a simple infographic, and we will also briefly discuss the installation itself. I have created a video tutorial for the installation process. It is a more enjoyable method to present this topic to you, rather than describing the installation with unengaging text.

The Ultimate Best WordPress Guide: WordPress Installation

First, let’s talk about the basic installation scheme. It consists of four steps. In the first step, you need to download the installation package from The download of WordPress itself is completely free, just like the CMS itself. Afterward, you extract the package, which is bundled in a .zip file, to your computer as raw data. In the third step, you upload these data to the root folder of your website using FTP. Finally, in the last step, you can install WordPress using a web browser.

The Ultimate Best WordPress Guide: WordPress Installation

What will you need for the installation?

To operate WordPress, you will need your own domain and, not least, Linux web hosting with Apache (or NGINX) and support for PHP with a MySQL database. Additionally, you will require access credentials for FTP and MySQL. FTP access is needed to upload WordPress to your website, and MySQL credentials are necessary in the first step of the installation.

Regarding FTP, you need to obtain the server name, FTP login, and password. For the database, you will need the MySQL database login, database name, server name, and password. Your web hosting provider will provide you with these details.

During the installation process, you will simply fill in the database information, choose your own database prefix (or leave the default “wp_”), and at the end of the process, you will log into the installed WordPress through the administration panel at The installer will automatically populate the necessary details into the wp-config.php configuration file during the installation.

The Ultimate Best WordPress Guide: WordPress Installation

Now, take a few minutes and let’s take a look at how the WordPress installation process works. I wanted to show you the entire process through a video because it describes the whole process much better. The installation is demonstrated on web hosting provided by Forpsi. However, this installation process is the same everywhere and does not differ in any way. Therefore, the installation process will be similar on web hosting services such as Wedos, Český hosting, Active24, and others.

*These are web hosting companies in the Czech Republic. If you are reading an English article, feel free to replace them with any other companies that you prefer to use in your country.

If you prefer a written description of the WordPress installation process or if you are bothered by the lack of subtitles in the video, which is currently in Czech, I have also created a written version of the installation procedure available here, fully in English.

Best and easiest guide on how to install WordPress


And we’ve reached the end. We have described the installation basics and even demonstrated them through a video. If anything is unclear to you, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments below. And if you want to test your knowledge, you can try the practical 10-question quiz.

Welcome to your WordPress installation

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