How to register a domain

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In today’s digital world, it is relatively crucial to be visible. And it doesn’t matter whether you own a small business, an online store, or you just want to create a personal portfolio or blog. To have either of these, you need to get web hosting and register a domain. On web hosting, you can store data and emails, and the domain will connect you to the online world. If you want to be visible in the online world, you will need both of these. Let’s take a look at the basics and learn how to register a domain. Domain registration is simple, fast, and relatively inexpensive today.

What is a domain?

Imagine a domain and a website as a telephone. Web hosting is the physical phone that someone owns, and you want to talk to them. The domain is like the phone number that allows you to dial that phone. From a technical perspective, the domain primarily serves to avoid the need for people to remember the IP address of the server where your data is stored. We can agree that remembering “” is easier than “”

Therefore, the domain primarily serves to connect users to the target server where your data is stored or to send emails to a mail server. The conversion of the domain to an IP address is done using a DNS server. It is a machine that can translate the domain into an IP address, allowing the browser to know where to find the website with your data.

How to choose a domain?

Your domain should reflect its purpose. It should be easily memorable and, at first glance, convey to the user what they can expect. You can choose the name of your company or the purpose for which the website’s content will serve. Always choose a domain that the target user won’t have trouble identifying. No one will remember long or complicated domains, at least not on the first try.

How to register a domain?

You can definitely handle domain registration. The registration process is the same as ordering any other product on an online shop. Let’s take a look at a simple registration process with a registrar like Forpsi. If you already have a basic idea of what name you want for your domain, follow these steps:

  • Open your browser and type in the domain “
  • Navigate to the “Domains” section on their website
  • In the “Domain name registration” column, enter the name of your new domain and select the extension you want for the domain
  • Click on “Submit
How to register a domain

The system will first verify if the domain is available and not owned by someone else. If it’s available, it will offer you registration. The next steps are practically the same as any other online purchase. You will fill in your personal details, go through the ordering process, and at the end, a proforma invoice will be issued for payment. Once you settle the payment and Forpsi receives the funds in their account, they will register the domain. Typically, the domain becomes functional within 24 hours after registration.

Regarding the information in the order, be very careful with typos. You cannot rename a registered domain! Also, fill in your personal details accurately. Forpsi will register the domain with this information, and these details will serve as the owner’s record in the registry. Therefore, double-check everything carefully, preferably twice. If you register a domain with the wrong extension or a typo, you will have no choice but to register a new domain with the correct name.

How to register a domain


As you can see, you will certainly be able to handle domain registration as well. Plus, once you register a domain, it becomes yours, and no one can take it away from you. Such a domain has its owner, registered in the registry of the respective top-level domain administrator. It is similar to owning a car or a house. The only thing you need to pay attention to later is the regular renewal. A domain has a limited validity, either for one year or several years. You need to keep track of this period (your registrar will assist you), and at the end of the valid period, you will need to renew the domains for a fee.

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