How does the protection period work for .cz domains?

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If you are a domain owner in the CZ zone, you surely know that after registration, you also need to renew the domain at regular intervals. As the expiration date of a domain approaches, you have the option to renew it for one to ten years. Its depending on whether it is expired or not. However, have you ever wondered what happens if you forget to renew the domain? Will you lose it or not? I will answer this question in today’s article. We also take a look at how does the protection period work for .CZ domains.

How does the protection period work for .cz domains?

How does the protection period work for .cz domains?

If your .CZ domain has expired, it’s not the end of the world. You have a 60-day protection period. After registering a domain, you can choose the registration period, which can be a minimum of one year and a maximum of ten years for a new domain. Regarding renewal, it’s a bit more complicated. Domains that have not expired can be renewed for up to nine years, while expired domains can be renewed for up to ten years. Why? Because ten years is the maximum limit, and a domain that hasn’t expired yet still has some validity. Since you cannot set a date beyond ten years, a valid domain has a maximum renewal limit of nine years.

However, what happens if you forget to renew your domain? Actually, nothing terrible. You won’t lose your domain on its expiration day. It won’t be canceled or stop functioning either. A .CZ domain, like other domains, has a protection period in place. This period ensures that you don’t lose your domain just because you forgot to renew it or couldn’t renew it due to circumstances such as being hospitalized. This protection period lasts for 60 days.

Protection Period

The protection period for .CZ domains has a specific characteristic. It is divided into two parts, each lasting 30 days. However, the domain behaves differently in each part. The first part of the protection period starts from the day after the expiration date and lasts until the thirtieth day after the expiration. This first part is specific to .CZ domains compared to other domain extensions because the domain continues to fully function as if it were paid for. It remains accessible on the internet, and if it is connected to a web hosting service, it will still display its content.

In the second part of the protection period, the domain is deactivated. It’s important to note that this is still not the cancellation of the domain. The domain is simply removed from the DNS zone, causing it to stop functioning. However, it still belongs to its owner. This period lasts from the thirty-first day until the sixtieth day.

During both parts of the protection period, the current owner can still renew the domain. If the domain was in the second part of the protection period and had already become inactive, it will be returned to the DNS zone and will start functioning again within approximately 24 hours. It will connect to the original DNS servers, and if the original DNS records are still in place, the domain will smoothly display its original content.

Therefore, if you forget about your domain, you still have 60 days to spare before losing it definitively.

How is a domain canceled?

If the owner of a .CZ domain doesn’t renew it even after 60 days, it enters the “designated for deletion” status, which is irreversible. This occurs on the sixty-first day after the expiration. The complete cancellation of the domain is carried out by the administrator of .CZ domains, which is currently To prevent domain speculation, there is no predetermined time for deletion, and the exact time is not made public.

If you are interested in a domain in the “designated for deletion” status, you have no choice but to regularly monitor the domain throughout the day and wait for it to become available for new registration.

How does the protection period work for .cz domains? Conclusion.

In conclusion, the protection period provides a secure safeguard for domain owners, ensuring their right to continue owning the domain even if it hasn’t been paid for. Now you know the exact duration and how the protection period works for .CZ domains. However, it’s important to note that this is how the protection period functions for .CZ domains specifically. It doesn’t apply to generic domains such as .com, .net, .biz, .org, and others. So, if you have domains with different extensions, never rely on a similar protection period.

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