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If you are creating a website or writing a blog, you certainly know the situation when you need to find graphic materials. It doesn’t matter whether it’s icons for the menu, feature images for articles, or anything else. If you download images that are publicly available through, for example, Google search, they are subject to copyright. The author may have used these images from a public database, but they may not have. You may not experience any consequences at that moment, however, if the author comes across such content, you may have a problem. To avoid such problems, you can use images that are publicly available and free. One such the database of free images will be the subject of this article.

The database of free images

Personally, I’m used to using image databases that I can download for free. You can use them anywhere and also modify them according to your needs. These images have a license that allows such use. One of such databases is Here you can find hundreds of images that are free, or you can also use a paid membership, which gives you access to a much larger content database. At the same time, Freepik also works with the very popular Figma editor, which many designers have liked for creating templates for the WordPress theme. uses its own license for images. If you are interested in learning more, you can find all the information here:

Search works on the principle of searching for images by keywords. You enter them into the search bar. Each image has certain tags, and Freepik will find content for you based on them that either exactly or at least partially matches the keywords you have entered. In the left menu of the application, you can then check that you are only interested in images with a free license. This way, you avoid clicking through images that will require a paid membership when you download them.

The database of free images – conclusion.

A database of free images and graphics can come in handy whenever you are building a website and need to complement it with visuals. Collaborating with the popular Figma tool is an added bonus. If you have been searching for an interesting free image database, you can try looking at You may also consider adding it to your list of favorite databases for images.

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