How to set a time limit for a sticky post in WordPress

Last updated December 6th, 2023 05:47

I have already written about how you can highlight a post in WordPress and what it can be useful for in this article. If you use this functionality in WordPress, you have probably also noticed that WordPress does not allow you to limit the time for which the post is highlighted. It’s either highlighted or it’s not, and there is no other option in between. However, if you need to specify the duration of the highlighting, you will need to use an external plugin. Therefore, I would like to show you how to set a time limit for a sticky post in WordPress.

Why set a time limit?

There can be several reasons. Let me give you a hypothetical scenario for better understanding. You can highlight a post on your blog that serves as an advertisement for an event that will take place for three days at a certain date. Then it is desirable for the post about this event to be highlighted only for the duration of the event and not beyond, as the advertisement loses relevance.

To avoid having to monitor when it’s necessary to change the highlighting settings, you can set a timestamp that will do it for you.

How to set a time limit for a sticky post in WordPress with plugin

To set a time limit for highlighting, you can use the Sticky Post Expire plugin. The official website of the plugin is available here: Sticky Post Expire. You can install the plugin from the administration, using the left menu. Click on the “Plugins” link and then select the “Add New” sub-menu. Search for the plugin by its name and install it. Once installed, activate the plugin to start using it.

How to set a time limit for a sticky post in WordPress

Once you activate the plugin, you will see a calendar alongside the highlighting function, where you can set an expiration date for the highlighting to stop being valid.

How to set a time limit for a sticky post in WordPress
How to set a time limit for a sticky post in WordPress


Do you often use highlighting for your WordPress posts? I believe that this extension of functionality can help you have a more pleasant experience working with WordPress. Installing and managing the plugin is simple, and the plugin itself is relatively small and undemanding. If you also use the highlighting functionality frequently, it can be useful to know how to set a time limit for sticky posts in WordPress, and thus make your work easier once again.

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