Speed Up Your WordPress With Super Easy Trick

Last updated December 13th, 2023 21:51

Speed up your WordPress – turn off WP CRON. The automatic task scheduler, or CRON, in WordPress handles various automatic actions. These actions do not require manual intervention by the website administrator. These actions include scheduled post publishing and other actions that are meant to occur periodically.

However, the problem with WP CRON is that it is a virtual CRON. It is triggered every time a user visits the website. If your website has multiple users, this can have a significant impact on its speed as CRON negatively affects page loading times and server load.

As mentioned in the notice at the beginning of the article, if you have a web hosting provider that also offers a task scheduler in their administration, it is better to completely disable CRON in WordPress and schedule its execution through the provider’s administration, let’s say every half an hour. Automatic task scheduling is offered, for example, by Forpsi.com through their Timer tool.

Speed up your WordPress – turn off WP CRON

Disabling WP CRON using wp-config.php

If you have access to your web FTP, WP CRON can be turned off very easily. Log in to your web FTP and find the file named wp-config.php in the main WordPress folder. Edit it and insert this line:

					define('DISABLE_WP_CRON', true);

Once you insert the line into the wp-config.php file, save it.

How to schedule automatic WP CRON execution

It will be different for each provider, so first inquire with your web hosting provider where in the administration panel you can schedule automatic script execution. The process itself is very simple. CRON can be started using this URL address (in the example, of course, replace the domain name with your own):


Therefore, schedule a task with your web hosting provider that will cyclically start the above URL address, for example, every 30 minutes. This way, you will avoid running CRON at an undesirable time for the website visitor, but the scheduled task at the web hosting provider will start CRON for you. Thanks to this, you will again optimize the loading speed of your website a bit, which will ensure a slightly higher speed, especially if you have an active website with more visitors during the day.

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