How to change the PHP version of webhosting

When you are creating a site, editing it, or updating your system (especially with WordPress), you may encounter a situation, where you are forced to change your PHP version to a higher one, or vice versa, to a lower one, than currently set on webhosting. With Forpsi, there is a specific choice of several possible versions, namely from 5.xx to 7.xx.

The change of variant could be done via customer administration ( and after the change is saved, it will take effect within a few minutes, or at most until the nearest reload of Apache (on Linux), which takes place every even hour.

How to change the PHP version of webhosting


  1. use your login and password to log in to the administration interface at
  2. on the left menu, click on the Webhosting section
  3. select the desired site where you need to change the PHP version
  4. click on the “change” link in the section for PHP
  5. select the version which you need and click on the “save” button

The change will take effect within minutes, or until the next Apache reload. For new web hosting, only options 7.3 and 7.4 are available. For older php versions, you must contact customer support to migrate the site to an older server, where versions 5.xx, 7.1 and 7.2 are also available.

Jak změnit verzi PHP u Forpsi
Jak změnit verzi PHP u Forpsi
Jak změnit verzi PHP u Forpsi

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