Automatic calls recording on Xiaomi mobile phone

Automatic recording of phone call’s is a feature, that is very useful to you virtually all the time. And it really doesn’t matter what reason you have to record your phone call’s. Furthermore, since Google has started to block this functionality on Android phone’s thanks to GDPR, you are able to use this function natively on fewer and fewer phone’s

Unfortunately, the following instructions you can’t apply to all XIAOMI phone’s.

How You can turn on automatic recording of call’s on Xiaomi moblie phone’s

  1. turn on your phone app (call’s)
  2. click on the settings icon
  3. turn on “Record call’s automatically”

Once you turn ON this feature, every next call will be recorded (you cant apply this feature on all phone’s!).

Where call’s are saved

Call’s are saved to the folder in your phone: MIUI\sound_recorder\call_rec.

Another way how you can play these call’s is to click on the person in your list of people, and click on “Show more.” A tab with call history details will open, and on the bottom of the panel you are able to see the icon “Recorded Calls“. Here, you can listen all the call’s with the person or number you searching. This call’s are sorted by date.

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