What is the trash in WordPress and how does it work?

In WordPress, the trash is a feature that allows users to temporarily delete content, such as posts, pages, or comments, before permanently deleting them. When an item is sent to the trash, it is moved to a separate folder or area where it can be easily restored or permanently deleted.

The trash feature works in a similar way to the trash feature in a computer’s operating system. When you delete a file from your computer’s hard drive, it is typically moved to the trash or recycle bin, where it can be easily recovered if needed. Similarly, when you delete a post or page in WordPress, it is moved to the trash, where it can be restored or permanently deleted later.

When an item is sent to the trash in WordPress, it is not immediately deleted. Instead, it is held in the trash for a period of time, which is determined by your site’s settings or by the WordPress default of 30 days. During this time, the item can be easily restored or permanently deleted from the trash.

To access the trash feature in WordPress, simply navigate to the “Trash” link in the sidebar of the posts, pages, or comments section of the WordPress dashboard. From here, you can view all of the items that have been sent to the trash, restore items that you may have accidentally deleted, or permanently delete items that are no longer needed.

It’s important to note that the trash feature in WordPress only applies to content that has been deleted from the WordPress dashboard. If you delete files or content directly from your web server or database, they will not be moved to the trash in WordPress.

Overall, the trash feature in WordPress is a helpful tool that can make it easier to manage and delete content on your website. By temporarily holding deleted content in the trash, it gives you the ability to restore or permanently delete content later if needed, without having to worry about accidentally deleting something important.

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