What is Popup Builder in elementor?

Popup Builder is a feature within the Elementor website builder plugin that allows you to create popups for your website without having to write any code. A popup is a graphical user interface (GUI) element that appears on top of the content of a web page, either as an overlay, modal window, or a full-screen takeover. Popups are commonly used to display important information, offer discounts, encourage newsletter sign-ups, promote products, and much more.

Elementor’s Popup Builder is a drag-and-drop editor that lets you create custom popups using various templates, pre-designed blocks, and widgets. With Popup Builder, you can choose from a range of targeting options such as specific pages, posts, user roles, or even based on user behavior. You can also set triggers for your popups, such as time delays, scroll-based triggers, and exit-intent triggers that display when a user is about to leave your website.

Popup Builder in Elementor also allows you to control the appearance of your popups using design settings. You can customize the colors, fonts, typography, animations, and other visual elements to match your website’s branding. You can also add forms, buttons, images, videos, and other content to your popups to create a more engaging user experience.

Popup Builder in Elementor is a powerful tool that can help you capture leads, increase conversions, and improve user engagement on your website. With its intuitive interface and flexible customization options, you can create popups that are tailored to your specific needs and goals.

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