What is draft in WordPress

In WordPress, a draft is an unpublished post or page that is saved in the database and can be edited and worked on before it is ready to be published. When you create a new post or page in WordPress, it is automatically saved as a draft until you publish it or set it to be scheduled for future publishing.

The draft status in WordPress allows you to work on content for your website without making it live or visible to your audience until it is ready. This can be useful when you need to take more time to write, edit, or review a post or page before publishing it.

When you save a post or page as a draft, it will be stored in the database, and you can access and edit it at any time from the WordPress dashboard. You can also view all of your draft posts and pages in a list from the All Posts or All Pages screen, where you can edit, preview, and publish or schedule them.

The draft status in WordPress is just one of several statuses that a post or page can have. Other statuses include published, pending, trash, and private. The status of a post or page can be changed at any time from the WordPress editor, and each status has its own set of permissions and visibility settings.

Overall, the draft status in WordPress provides a flexible and convenient way to work on content for your website, allowing you to refine and polish your posts and pages before making them available to your audience.

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