User role in WordPress

In WordPress, user roles are a way to define different levels of access and permissions for users who can access and use the website or blog. A user role determines what actions a user can perform and what content they can view and edit on the WordPress site.

WordPress comes with several predefined user roles, including:

  1. Super Admin: This role is only available on WordPress Multisite installations and has complete control over all network sites and their users.

  2. Administrator: This role has full control over the WordPress site, including the ability to create and manage other users, install and configure plugins and themes, and create and publish content.

  3. Editor: This role can create, edit, publish, and delete any content on the WordPress site, including posts, pages, and custom post types. They cannot access site settings or install plugins and themes.

  4. Author: This role can create, edit, publish, and delete their own content on the WordPress site, but cannot edit content created by other users or access site settings.

  5. Contributor: This role can create and edit their own content on the WordPress site, but cannot publish it. Instead, their content must be submitted for review and approval by an editor or administrator.

  6. Subscriber: This role can only view content on the WordPress site and cannot create or edit any content.

User roles in WordPress are hierarchical, meaning that each role includes all the capabilities of the roles below it. For example, an editor can do everything that an author or contributor can do, but also has access to additional features and settings.

In addition to the predefined user roles, WordPress also allows site administrators to create custom roles with specific capabilities and permissions tailored to their needs.

By using user roles in WordPress, site owners can ensure that users have the appropriate level of access and control over content and settings, while also maintaining site security and protecting sensitive information.

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