Template tag

In WordPress, a Template Tag is a small piece of code that you can use within a theme template to display or manipulate information from your WordPress site. Template Tags are built-in WordPress functions that make it easier to display specific content or functionality within your theme templates.

For example, you might use the “the_title()” Template Tag in your single post template to display the title of the post, or the “the_excerpt()” Template Tag in your archive template to display a short summary of each post.

Template Tags can be used to display a wide range of content and functionality within your templates, including post titles, dates, categories, tags, author information, comment counts, navigation menus, and much more. They can also be used to manipulate content, such as changing the order of posts in an archive or removing certain elements from a page.

One of the key benefits of using Template Tags is that they make it easier to write and maintain your theme templates. By using Template Tags, you can separate the presentation of your site content from the underlying code, which makes it easier to make changes to your site design without having to modify the underlying PHP code.

In order to use Template Tags, you need to have a basic understanding of PHP and the WordPress template system. Template Tags are typically used within the PHP code of your theme templates, and can be customized and modified to suit your specific needs.

Overall, Template Tags are a powerful and flexible tool for displaying and manipulating content within your WordPress theme templates. By mastering the use of Template Tags, you can create professional-looking WordPress sites that are both functional and visually appealing.

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