Gravatar and its use in WordPress

Gravatar a jeho použití ve WordPressu

If you’ve ever registered on an online portal, not necessarily just on WordPress, you might have come across the term ‘Gravatar’. If you’re unsure about what Gravatar is and how it’s used, especially within WordPress, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Gravatar and its use in WordPress. … Read more

How to change user password in WordPress using MySQL

Video návod na změnu hesla uživatele ve WordPressu pomocí MySQL

If you forget your WordPress admin password, that’s a pain. There are a few mechanisms you can use to reset your password. If they all fail, because you have a broken email address, for example, there is still another option. This option allows you to set a new password for your user. However, you will … Read more

Deactivating all WordPress plugins outside the administration

Deaktivace všech pluginů WordPressu

WordPress is a content management system that users customize using plugins and theme templates. These plugins are developed by third-party developers, and it’s easy for one of them not only to malfunction on your website but also to crash it entirely, making it inaccessible. In certain situations, this could pose a significant issue, especially when … Read more

How To Easily Regenerate Permalinks In WordPress (video Guide)

přegenerování odkazů ve WordPressu

If you use WordPress as a system for managing your website or blog, you may occasionally encounter the need to regenerate the URLs of your site. These links are also referred to as permalinks, and in simple terms, they are the attractive URLs generated by WordPress. The need for this action arises in various situations. … Read more

Speed Up Your WordPress With Lazy Load For Comments

Zrychlete svůj WordPress a zapněte lazy load u komentářů

Website optimization is an endless topic. If you’re developing a website on the popular content management system WordPress, you probably regularly test the site for speed optimization. There are many solutions to speed up a website, starting with a caching plugin and ending with the site’s structure and technologies. One method that can help your … Read more

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