How To Rename A Group Of Blocks In The Gutenberg Editor In WordPress 6.4

Přejmenování skupiny bloků v Gutenberg editoru u WordPress 6.4

It’s been only one day since the new version of WordPress 6.4 was released. This version brings a breath of fresh changes to the entire ecosystem of this popular content management system. One of the changes that has officially arrived in the new system is the ability to easily rename a group of blocks in … Read more

How to set an Image as the background for a group of blocks in Gutenberg

Obrázek jako pozadí skupiny bloků v Gutenbergu

The new version of WordPress 6.4 has brought many minor adjustments and changes. Among the changes that I find interesting is the ability to set a custom background for a group of blocks. This is a feature that is natively found in almost every external page builder. However, for those who don’t have much experience … Read more

How Can You Easily Detect Broken Links In WordPress?

Jak můžete ve WordPressu odhalit poškozené odkazy

When writing content for a website, it’s advisable for SEO optimization to use both internal and external links to sources for which you have additional content. In simple terms, if you’re writing a full article about the currently mentioned content, use an internal link to that content just as you would if someone else were … Read more

How To Fix A Wrong URL Of The Homepage In WordPress

Jak opravit špatnou URL úvodní stránky ve WordPressu

The WordPress homepage is the page that appears first when you enter your domain in a web browser. WordPress has its own section in the settings dedicated to this page. Sometimes, the homepage can cause issues for many people. For example, when someone sets the homepage to use the HTTPS protocol but doesn’t have a … Read more

5 Easy Ways How To Improve User Experience On WordPress

5 způsobů jak vylepšit uživatelskou zkušenost na WordPressu

The impression your website creates on people and how they feel while using it is crucial, especially when dealing with low traffic. The problem may arise from several factors that cause people to leave the website after a short while or even without reading the content you have published. Now, you can take a look … Read more

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