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Post status in WordPress

In WordPress, post status is a way to define the status of a post or a page. It is a built-in feature that allows website owners to keep track of the progress of their content, from creation to publishing and beyond. Post status can be used to indicate the current stage of a post/page, such as “draft”, “published”, “pending review”, “scheduled”, “private”, “trash”, and more.

By default, WordPress provides several post statuses for posts and pages, including:

  1. Draft: A post that is still being written and has not been published yet.

  2. Published: A post that has been published and is available for public view.

  3. Pending Review: A post that has been submitted for review by an editor or administrator before it can be published.

  4. Scheduled: A post that has been scheduled for publishing at a specific date and time in the future.

  5. Private: A post that is only visible to logged-in users with appropriate permissions.

  6. Trash: A post that has been deleted and moved to the trash.

Post status can be changed at any time, allowing website owners to control the progress of their content. For example, a draft can be edited and modified until it is ready to be published. A published post can be updated, edited or deleted, or scheduled for future updates. Pending review posts can be approved or rejected by an editor or an administrator.

Post status can also be customized by website owners to fit their specific needs. For instance, a website owner may want to create a new status called “in progress” to indicate that a post is being worked on, but not ready for review or publication.

WordPress also provides a “post status transition” feature that allows website owners to set up notifications or actions that occur when a post moves from one status to another. For example, an email notification could be sent to an editor when a post is submitted for review or scheduled for publishing.

In summary, post status is a built-in feature in WordPress that allows website owners to track the progress of their content, from creation to publication and beyond. It provides a way to control the flow of content, keep track of changes, and customize the workflow to fit specific needs. Post status can be changed at any time, and website owners can create custom post statuses to fit their specific requirements.

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