In web design, an overlay is a layer of content that appears on top of an existing page or image, usually triggered by user interaction such as a mouse click or hover. Overlays can be used for a variety of purposes, such as displaying additional information, presenting images or videos in a more interactive way, or prompting users to take a specific action.

There are several types of overlays commonly used in web design:

  1. Lightbox: A lightbox overlay is a box that pops up on top of the existing page, dimming the background and focusing the user’s attention on the content within the box. Lightboxes are often used to display images or videos, as well as for sign-up forms, login forms, or other types of calls to action.

  2. Modal: A modal overlay is similar to a lightbox, but typically covers the entire screen and requires user action to dismiss. Modals can be used for a variety of purposes, such as displaying important information or prompting users to complete a form or make a purchase.

  3. Tooltip: A tooltip overlay is a small pop-up that appears when the user hovers over a specific element on the page, such as a link or an image. Tooltips are often used to provide additional context or information about the element without requiring the user to navigate to a new page.

  4. Notification: A notification overlay is a message that appears on the page to provide the user with updates or alerts. Notifications can be triggered by user actions, such as completing a form, or by backend events such as new content or system updates.

Overlays can be implemented using various web technologies, such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. When designing overlays, it’s important to consider user experience and accessibility, as well as the impact on page load times and search engine optimization. When used effectively, overlays can be a useful tool for improving user engagement and achieving specific goals on your website.

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