How To Disable The Gutenberg Block Editor In WordPress?

Jak ve WordPressu zakázat blokový editor Gutenberg

Are you using the WordPress content management system for your website? Then you probably already know that WordPress uses the Gutenberg block editor for writing articles and pages. This editor was introduced by developers back in 2018, so we’ve been using it for almost 5 years now. Despite its innovations and improvements, the unfortunate reality … Read more

Disable automatic WordPress updates with a simple snippet

Zakažte automatické updaty WordPressu pomocí snippetu

Automatic updates are one of the pillars of WordPress security. They were primarily designed to address the issue of users neglecting their website maintenance. The reality is that the majority of users who come into contact with the WordPress content management system create a basic website but then leave it unattended. Without an active owner, … Read more

How To Disable Automatic Emails About WordPress Updates

Jak zakázat automatické e-maily o aktualizaci WordPressu

I have written about the functionality of automatic updates in the WordPress content management system several times. Part of this feature includes sending an informational email to the website administrator. In the email, the system administrator receives information about the automatic updates that have taken place on the website. The purpose of the email is … Read more

How To Enable SVG Upload In WordPress Using A Snippet

Jak ve WordPressu povolit upload SVG pomocí snippetu

By default, WordPress does not allow you to upload SVG images due to security reasons. If you require the use of these image types on your website, you can enable SVG upload effortlessly. This can be achieved using a concise code snippet. This snippet also checks your permissions in WordPress, allowing only administrators to upload … Read more

Improved attachment management and protection in WordPress

Lepší správa a ochrana příloh ve WordPressu

Are you writing articles that include attachments? You’re probably interested in better attachment management and protection in WordPress. You can achieve basic improvements in attachment protection and management by using a snippet that you insert into your website’s content. Let’s take a look at one. Improved Attachment Management and Protection in WordPress This snippet performs … Read more

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