Christmas and New Year’s Eve fireworks

The Christmas and New Year’s Eve fireworks are fast approaching. Yay. Since the beginning of November, I’ve been passing by reindeers and Santas in almost every store. Yay times two. Fireworks and firecrackers have slowly shifted from Asian markets to grocery stores, where they’re available practically to anyone willing to spend a few hundred and splurge on devilish lights and a heap of noise. And that’s where all the trouble with Christmas and New Year’s Eve begins. People, practically running around everywhere, lighting up firecrackers and fireworks just for fun. And it bothers me. I used to quite like Christmas and New Year’s Eve fireworks. But that was when I was a child. Over time, my view of this entertainment radically changed.

Yeah, I’m getting older, probably. And I’m fine with that. But what bothers me is the person who throws firecrackers outside my window at midnight or sets off fireworks behind the building after having seven beers. If it happened occasionally, one would probably just shrug it off, think something about it, and let it go. But in a small town like Krumlov, it’s a daily occurrence.

Christmas and New Year’s Eve fireworks – what about nature?

Vánoční a Silvestrovské ohňostroje

That was probably the first thing that occurred to you, right? Another eco-fanatic wanting to steal your colorful Christmas. But not at all. It’s not that I don’t care about the mess scaring everything away. Wildlife in the woods, dogs stuck in the yard, and elderly folks walking around at midnight to dump ash from their stove into the trash bin. However, what primarily bothers me is the fireworks. Especially on the roads. Devil take me if a bunch of kids throws a firecracker under my car. Next year, I’m starting an age with a number 4 at the beginning, my vision is much worse, and the transition is starting to show. And it’s noticeable.

Over the last few years, I’ve noticed that I’ve quite radically reassessed my stance on this entertainment. I don’t buy or set off fireworks, and except for midnight on New Year’s Eve, I simply don’t like them. And people have only themselves to blame for that. Seriously. But what to do about it?

I can’t just stop on the road and start chasing the kids who threw a firecracker under my car. Apparently, it’s immoral, and they’d probably run away from me. Then I’d be embarrassed in front of the other drivers who stopped behind me, and that doesn’t bode well for my ego. That’s not the way to go. Pretending I don’t see or hear it is also not an option. It raises my blood pressure.

So, does it have any solution?

Of course, it… doesn’t. It’s about people. Just as fireworks annoy me, the mere thought that this entertainment could be done differently bothers them. And how? How about leaving the fireworks in the store, raising a glass at midnight on New Year’s Eve, and congratulating ourselves on surviving another year. Isn’t that a victory in itself? Let’s try once to ignore this silly entertainment and think about how many people deal with it the next day. Just think and imagine the cheerful faces of people picking up the sticks and debris from their car roofs in the morning. What a lovely sight it is. In summer, the roof is full of birds’ nests; in winter, one stick after another. Isn’t it amazing?

So, for me, what really annoys the hell out of me are the Christmas and New Year’s Eve fireworks, which traditionally start sometime at the end of November. And say what you want, maybe that I’m a grumpy boomer. I couldn’t care less.

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