How ChatGPT can make your work tasks easier

The development of artificial intelligence in the form of language models or chatbots, if you will, is enormous. Not long ago, ChatGPT was only capable of writing a simple article. However, after over a year since its release, it can now work with images and audio. Moreover, its new version was trained on almost four times the amount of text compared to the original, older version. Because of this, you can use ChatGPT not only as a creative assistant in content creation but also as a substitute for your colleague at work. Whether ChatGPT helps you land a new job or maintain the current one doesn’t matter. Let’s explore the 7 things ChatGPT will help you with at work, including how ChatGPT can make your work tasks easier. Are you having trouble writing professional emails, resumes, or translating text into another language? These are just some of the things ChatGPT will help make easier for you.

Resume (curriculum vitae)

Crafting a structured resume can be a significant challenge for some. If you’re unsure about what to include or exclude from your resume, you can ask ChatGPT for help. It will suggest what items your resume should contain and what to avoid. If you lack creativity in this area or tend to, for instance, underestimate yourself, you can input your personal data, and the chatbot will take care of the rest of the text.

However, consider this generated resume as just a basic framework to start from. Don’t rely on ChatGPT to do all the work for you. It tends to exaggerate at times or write sentences too floridly and expressively. This can ultimately appear either comical or give the impression that you know everything and have been everywhere. Therefore, it’s good practice to copy the bot’s output into a text editor, review it, and correct certain parts of the text. After all, a resume should be at least partially authentic.

Email Writing

A professionally crafted email, a conference invitation, a request for a salary raise—these are all emails you might encounter at work. If you’re short on time or lacking creativity, you can input the data into ChatGPT, and the algorithm will take care of the rest. Let’s take a look, for instance, at a conference invitation for the company’s new product exhibition.

Cover Letters

A cover letter serves to persuade the reader about your abilities, skills, and enthusiasm for a particular activity, position, or task. Its aim is to bolster the reader’s motivation and captivate them enough to prefer you over other candidates. Typically, the cover letter will be read by the person responsible for hiring new employees or the department head to which you’ve submitted your resume.

Professional Presentation

A professional presentation is a key element in many professional situations, whether it’s presenting a project, proposal, product, or even introducing oneself in a work environment. ChatGPT can assist with a professional presentation in areas such as:

  • Presentation Structure: It can help create a logical and well-structured presentation, advising on suitable sections or the flow of topics to ensure easy understanding for the audience.
  • Design and Visual Elements: Guidance on slide design, graphic selection, colors, and fonts.
  • Content and Messaging: Assisting in creating content that effectively communicates the presentation’s intent, key points, and essential information.
  • Presentation Practice: Offering practice sessions with feedback and improvement tips.

Work Portfolio

A work portfolio can be valuable in various situations, especially on professional networks like LinkedIn, when approaching clients, job hunting, or during an interview presentation. If you’re unsure how to compile such a portfolio, ChatGPT can be of assistance here too. It can provide advice on design, structure, content quality, or conduct a review and offer feedback on an already completed portfolio.

Language Support

Where ChatGPT truly shines is in translations. Are you bothered by how machine translations from Google Translate look? I don’t blame you. Very often, they’re unusable, not to mention Google’s struggle with larger chunks of text. ChatGPT doesn’t have such limitations. The first benefit is that ChatGPT speaks English very well, and the second benefit is that its speaks approximately 60 other languages fluently.

Of course, translations can be used within certain limitations. We’re talking about translations for websites, e-commerce product descriptions, or corporate email communication. Handing over the translation of a book to it might not be advisable. This tool isn’t quite there yet.

Moreover, ChatGPT doesn’t only translate texts into English. Currently, as I said, it can handle around 60 languages, so translating text into German, Italian, or Russian isn’t a problem. For large blocks of text, this capability can indeed save hours of work.

How ChatGPT can make your work tasks easier

Creative Writing

And we smoothly arrive at the final point where ChatGPT also excels: creative writing. Consider a situation where you need to create an online store with 300 items, each requiring a creative description. This isn’t an issue for ChatGPT. You set the parameters for how the text should look and then feed it the product names and their purposes. Within a few seconds, ChatGPT can often generate text like a professional copywriter, saving you a lot of time and money that you might have spent on someone to prepare these texts.

Of course, creative writing isn’t limited to creating content for an online store. Need to devise a marketing campaign, write a unique birthday wish, or come up with a bedtime story? ChatGPT can handle that too. Any kind of creative text needed for work purposes can be written with ChatGPT’s assistance. You start a certain section, and the chatbot can guide you further. Alternatively, if you don’t feel like doing it at all, it can even write the entire text for you. All you need to do is proofread at the end.

How ChatGPT can make your work tasks easier


And we’re done. As you can see, language models like ChatGPT can indeed be used not only for creative activities but also as assistants in performing routine tasks in the work process. Just keep in mind that these language models are still relatively imperfect. It’s good to at least briefly check all their outputs. Especially when it comes to factual data. Sometimes, ChatGPT tends to lie, exaggerate, or make things up. So, always read through the generated texts, correct grammatical errors or word order, and possibly proofread the text as well. Never rely on the text being 100% perfect.

The number of things ChatGPT can help you with at work is, of course, significantly higher. You can apply it practically anywhere where the main focus is text or creative thinking.

How ChatGPT can make your work tasks easier – FAQ

ChatGPT can provide advice on the structure, content, and presentation of a resume or portfolio, helping to identify key points and highlight your skills and experiences.

ChatGPT can offer ideas, inspiration, and various approaches to writing, whether it’s creating content, stories, or formulating original texts.

ChatGPT can assist in crafting clear, structured emails for various situations, providing suggestions for addressing, content, and email closure.

ChatGPT can offer guidance on presentation structure, content selection, and graphical elements. It also aids in formulating content for professional documents.

ChatGPT can provide translations into different languages, offer advice on phrases, or grammatical structures. This applies to both business emails and potential documentation.

ChatGPT can assist in data analysis, report design, and provide ideas for presenting results or interpreting complex information.

ChatGPT can bring different perspectives and thought directions to problem-solving. It can also offer strategic ideas and stimuli for a creative approach.

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