How To Easily Regenerate Permalinks In WordPress (video Guide)

Last updated December 5th, 2023 23:14

If you use WordPress as a system for managing your website or blog, you may occasionally encounter the need to regenerate the URLs of your site. These links are also referred to as permalinks, and in simple terms, they are the attractive URLs generated by WordPress. The need for this action arises in various situations. Typically, you’ll face it when migrating your website to a different domain or server. However, you may also need to address the same issue when updating WordPress, and its new version conflicts with a plugin. How do you easily regenerate permalinks in WordPress? I have created a simple video to demonstrate permalink regeneration.

How to Easily Regenerate Permalinks in WordPress

I happened to write about this situation recently. During the update of WordPress to its new version 6.4, many people complained that a 404 error started appearing on their websites. This error occurred across the entire website for any content that actually existed. Even the URL address of the article or page was correct.

The culprit behind this situation was the PolyLang plugin, widely used for multilingual websites. The solution to the problem was relatively simple. Users of PolyLang needed to regenerate permalinks on the new version of WordPress, i.e., the attractive URL addresses.

How to Restore the Link Structure in WordPress?

It is very simple. Follow this procedure or watch the short video.

  • Log in to your administration panel.
  • Click on “Settings“.
  • Go to the “Permalinks” section.
  • Set permalinks to the “Plain” option and save the change.
  • Revert the permalink structure to the original setting and save the change again.

By initially changing the permalink structure to “Plain” and then reverting the setting, WordPress will regenerate the link structure on the website. In many cases, this resolves all issues related to URLs in WordPress.

Video guide

How to Easily Regenerate Links in WordPress


As you can see, the process is very simple and can be handled even by beginners who are not yet familiar with WordPress. As mentioned above, this procedure can help you solve many issues related to URL links, especially problems with the 404 error for content that undeniably exists on the website, and its URL address is correct.

FAQ -Frequently Asked Questions

Regenerating has absolutely no impact on SEO. It’s just important to revert the links to their original value. So, make sure to remember the original setting in advance.

They won’t. If you revert the links to the original value, WordPress will only regenerate the link structure. The actual URL addresses will remain absolutely the same and in the same format.

Yes, the process of regenerating links is safe. However, it’s always a good practice to create a backup of your website before making any changes.

You don’t regenerate links regularly. It is recommended only in cases where you have issues with the URL structure.

Yes, regenerating links can help resolve 404 errors, especially if they are caused by an incorrect URL structure.

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