New WordPress 6.4 Is Coming With A New Style Of Changes

Last updated December 5th, 2023 23:43

Developers started working on the new version of WordPress, numbered 6.4, back in April of this year. Now, everything indicates that this version will likely be released as an official and fully tested update on November 7, 2023. What changes can we expect in this version for all of us who are using WordPress 6.4? Let’s take a look at some of them.

WordPress 6.4 Is Coming With A New Style Of Changes

New Twenty Twenty-Four Theme

Previous native themes have always been focused on specific topics. The current new theme, called Twenty Twenty-Four, introduces a new concept and is designed for three distinct website niches. Specifically, it will be usable for small businesses and e-commerce, for artists and photographers, and lastly for magazines and blogs.

The theme uses a special font for headings and a simple font for regular article text or pages. Design-wise, it features a light background, but if you prefer a darker theme, that option is also available. Like other themes, it is a block-based theme, so there are no major changes from the developers in this regard.

Font Library

The new font library in WordPress 6.4 simplifies font selection and usage on your website. It’s accessible to all users regardless of their currently active theme. This WordPress feature transforms font selection into an interactive library similar to what you might find in the ‘Media’ section for working with images or videos. This means every website owner can now choose the exact fonts they need for their site in a much more straightforward manner than before.

WordPress 6.4 přichází ve stylu nových změn

Lightbox for Images in WordPress 6.4

Developers of WordPress 6.4 are well aware of the importance of visual elements on every good website. Thanks to the new lightbox feature, you can now view your images in a larger format when people click on them. This allows WordPress to enable you to work with higher-quality and larger images without necessarily sacrificing too much space intended for other web content.

Nofollow Link Setting

Advanced link settings now have a new option: ‘Mark as nofollow.’ You’ll especially appreciate this feature when you’re linking from your website to external, third-party web pages. The nofollow attribute serves a single purpose, telling search engine bots on your site not to follow and index that link further. This allows the bot to focus more on your content rather than tracking and potentially indexing such an external link. This is particularly useful for SEO.

Block Editor Enhancements

The block editor continues to evolve with improvements that promise a better content creation experience. This update introduces background images for group blocks, the ability to rename group blocks in the list, and other new elements. The goal of these enhancements is to make content creation much simpler for users, enabling them to create interactive and visually appealing content.

Background Images for Group Blocks

Creativity knows no bounds with WordPress 6.4. In this new version, you can now set background images for group blocks. This allows you to play with the visual aspect of your article more effectively in the basic editor, which will be especially appreciated by those who switched to a different page builder like Elementor for this purpose. This feature is ideal for creating visually stunning HERO sections, banners, or any other element that requires this function.

WordPress 6.4 Comes with New Changes


The release of the new update is approaching rapidly. If you’re running late, you’ll definitely see an update prompt in your website’s administration. If you have automatic updates set, the update will happen as soon as it’s released, and you’ll only receive a notification that it’s done. Since every update carries a certain risk of something going wrong, be sure to back up your website in advance. If anything goes awry with the new version, you’ll at least have the peace of mind that you have a backup for quick content restoration.

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