How you can create NSSET for .CZ top level domains

If you want to change the DNS servers at .CZ top level domain, this cannot be done simply by replacing individual DNS servers, as with other domains, but it is necessary to make a change with NSSET.

This means that the first step to change the DNS of the CZ domain will be to create this NSSET.

What is NSSET?

You can imagine the NSSET as one package, or one ID, that contains all the individual DNS servers you need to set up at the domain.

For example:



As you can see, you have one major NSSET, which contains a total of 3 servers (.CZ, .COM and .Name).


How you can create NSSET for .CZ top level domains?

Typically, the creation of NSSET is carried out on the domain registrar. We will look today at how the NSSET can be created through the registrar FORPSI, which is one of the largest registrar of CZ domains ever. You can also create an NSSET at without having to have a domain with them. The form is universal.

Follow these steps:

  1. open the in your browser
  2. click the domain tab
  3. select .CZ Domains from the left menu
  4. click on Create a new name server set (NSSET)

NSSET creation form

The form is relatively simple to navigate. NSSET ID is your own ID that your NSSET will have. There is a condition that no one may own the same NSSET name and I do not recommend using special characters. For example, a domain name without a dot is best.
Next up is a list of individual DNS servers that you fill in as they go in turn. The IP address is not being filled in. This is a special record that is only used if the DNS server has the same name as the domain itself.
The technical contact will be the person responsible for administering the NSSET. Use the contact creation link to create a technical administrator. Again, you will come up with the technical administrator ID yourself.
I recommend setting the report level to zero.
If you then click on Send request, your new NS SET will be created.
How you can create NSSET for .CZ top level domains

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