How I tried to write a short story with ChatGPT

Last updated December 6th, 2023 06:04

The development of modern chatbots utilizing artificial intelligence has been tremendous lately. Anyone who has even remotely heard about A.I. wants to try out this technology. For generating PHP codes or answering common questions, ChatGPT is really great. Even though you have to verify its responses. Personally, I like to use it for finding complementary information about WordPress. However, I had an idea to test its creativity and thought we could write a short story together. The topic would be quite cliché to make it a bit easier. And how did it turn out? Will it be included in a collection of short stories? Let’s take a look at how I tried to write a short story with ChatGPT.

How I tried to write a short story with ChatGPT – starting

Jak jsem zkusil s ChatGPT napsat povídku

I have an idea. Let’s try to come up with a short story together on a certain topic. The rules will be that I provide the topic, and you write a part of the story. At some point, you will stop, and I will determine a new direction for the plot. For example, we can do this 6 times before we reach the ending. Do you think you can do it?

Time Travel. A person, let’s call him John, wants to go back in time to prevent a car accident that killed his family. He was the only survivor.

Let’s say he would have to go back a week earlier to change the entire course of events?

But his family was supposed to be dead after the accident, right? He needed the accident not to happen at all, it doesn’t make sense to me!

You jumped to conclusions pretty quickly there, between us. I thought we would make at least six stops to discuss the topic and add some plot twists. Okay, let’s not focus too much on the accident itself. John experienced it himself and he needs to prevent it from happening. A drunk driver is a good starting point, so how could we prevent him from driving? Maybe we could change the course of events that day, so the driver, the culprit, couldn’t leave the scene at all?

He called the police to announce that there would be a police raid? That doesn’t make sense, does it? The police would tell him that there is no such thing happening. And again, the plot ends way too quickly and you are already at the end. Let’s create a few intermediate steps where I can come up with some plot twists, and you can slow down towards the finish. This story wouldn’t make it as a book.

You didn’t understand me. You’re ending the story too soon in the second part. Try not to end it and just write a portion of it. At the end of that portion, we can decide on another plot twist. What do you think?

Aggressive, huh. How about stirring up an artificial argument in the factory that would require police intervention, thus preventing either of those two from leaving on time?

How I tried to write a short story with ChatGPT – end.

And here our story ends. I’m not entirely sure if we ultimately saved the family, as John still had to process his past. However, we probably prevented further accidents because the culprit eventually lost his papers :). As you can see, it’s probably not quite a novel or a collection of stories yet. However, it can be useful for some creative assistance when you get stuck in the text.

It’s clear that A.I. still has a long way to go before it can replace journalists and writers. But with the current rapid development of this technology, I believe that in three or five years, this tool could really replace copywriters, journalists, or other fields primarily based on text and content creation. We’ll see.

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